Douple carbureting

Twin SU-carburetors are the hart of this machine.

After the test drive it was clear that there was something to do; car had troubles to survive slow turns and driving slow.

Filters had seen everything necessary. This blue outfit is popular and might have been some standard, not sure about this.

In this tube was ATP oil. Some say it is ok, some say 15W/50 is better. I changed it to 15W50. Springs should have power to force the piston down . One had, another barely. One changed.

Dirty. Normal.

Clean. Target.

After cleaning and taking care of the infra, it is time to make the adjustment.  I tried youtube and found some great hints. Sir Dylan seemed to know what to do, so I just followed him.  Thanks Dylan!!

First step was to get one tool necessary.

With this tool you can adjust the carburetors to suck air similarly. The adjuster is found from the bottom of each carburetor. In this case they were not in balance. Idle is set after they are in balance.

These carburetors had been set some time ago to minimize some exhaust. May be that is why there were problems for them to run smoothly in normal driving. With a car used seldom, I wouldn’t risk it’s usability in order to minimize some exhaust. It also may be that the need of choke decreases with this adjustment.

New filters.

Filters from VP-autoparts. Original plates (rare) fit, but unfortunately there was no way to get the original fenders fit also. Who would provide suitable filters?

Would like to use these also…

There we go. I had 62 mm bolts, but they were just a bit too short for these. So I used threaded rots with wing nuts, which are so practical.

So happy to have these. So much better than the blue ones.

This worked for me

This was all done with no actual test drive, so we may have to come back again.


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