Front seats

Front seats are one of the most important details. If you can’t see them, you can feel them.

These were in final. Cushions crushed or tired both seats and backrests.

Seats visiting bathroom.



Seat rails are lacking bearing balls and one handle is loose. Here after a good wash.

There were no foams available to Jensen in VP-autoparts or anywhere else I could imagine. So the best thing to do was to trust a professional uppholsterer. I found one from Sulan autopalvelu, Tuusula.

This is what I got!

Some change.

Here you can see the adjustment mechanism for the backrest. Reliable nut.

Project is spreading to living room. I may have a problem.

So pleased with the result!


Seat rails are also done.

Missing bars allow bearing balls drop. Instead of genuine type bars I used screws.

Color is not just the same, but acceptable. I used 8 mm rst-bearing balls, but not quit sure if that was the original size. Rails do slide, so I guess we are close enough.



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