Interior – first steps

Of course interior had to be removed, just in order to check the car. It was a good thing I did, because there was/is plenty to do with the floor and it also made it possible to finish the rust prevention properly.

Removing the interior

This part was easy, since most of panels were attached with visible go-through-the-panel- screws.

Removing window cranks was a problem at first, but finally with the right tool I got them loose.

After removal the interior it was time to take care of the floor and rust prevention. So there was time for investments.

At this point it was so clear that there was no point just putting everything back. The interior had to be reborn, after all this car is No. 310 and deserves its original look.

Of course I also wondered what would Simon do.

So this was close to the vision:

From Skandix -pages (Seat pillows set wrong way..)

From Skandix -pages

Here was today

Not bad, but just not right

Getting materials and stuff

  • Armrests, don’t know what to do. Very expensive as reproduction.
  • Headliner: no need to change. I think…
  • Seat covers and some panels: From VP-autoparts, Sweden

Looks nice. Armrest really is a problem. Upper black part will be reused.

Front Seats

Sulan autopalvelu took care of cushions (foams) and the upholster work.

Before. My eyes 84 cm from the floor.

After. My eyes about 91-93 cm from the floor.

Rear seat

This one I shall do with me,  myself and I. And wife.


Loudspeaker cover(s)

If there is going to be anything visible, it has to be real vintage.







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  1. Adam F says:

    Nice – where did you source the speaker covers?

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