Jensen parcel shelf

One of the Jensen brands is it’s unique, 2 -floor parcel shelf.

One rabbit hole it is.

Mine was separated from the car about 28 years ago but still available. I feel good, because storing such a structure for all those years is not so obvious.

The frame. So lucky to have one.

Reunion. Matching was needed, frame had collapsed a bit low from the back.

I prefer plywood.

I have no idea how the lower shelf should be attached to its frame. I thought it can’t be too wrong to use black staples.

Holes are not nice, but I have another black shelf just in case.

Small Pioneers are enough for this purpose. Vintage covers are from eBay, Greece.

Done and waiting with some other stuff.




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Total amateur and mistake-maker as a mechanic. Enthusiast towards older Volvos and Saabs Amazon Kombi + few other later Volvos Saab 96 times 2 Usually does before thinks Finn Should use more professional services email: vesahannu.koskinen (The at-sign)
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2 Responses to Jensen parcel shelf

  1. Jim Blett says:

    Very nice articles – I will follow your project to help push myself to do the same progress. My car – also White (ChNr 428) – is painted but otherwise all apart. I have just completed my wife’s Tan ’65 Amazon Combi, and now we have “borrowed” your group photo as our Desktop picture

    • vesa says:

      Hi Jim and thanks for your comment. You have such good taste. 🙂
      I added a More Pictures -page to my site, if interested.
      Progress is slow, as you know..

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