Rear seat

The structure of Jensen’s rear pillow is based on a spring frame.

A burlap is mandatory between springs and pagging. Badding is linen. Instead of staples I sewed the tissues with cordage, which is also linen.


Stamp still present. Springs really are RST. Nice.

After – before. The before-version of course is not the original version.

This tool is needed.

Pillows ready!


Then the frame

The center of the frame was collapsed; one should not sit between the pillows if adult ­čÖé This walley ┬áwas repaired.



No shortcuts available. Sandpaper to remove old glue and rust.

Extra layer of tin plate needed to strengthen the frame

This should do it. In Bostik we trust…


Frame painted and ready for the next step


Thin foam makes it luxus.


Then the backrest…


Some plywood and padding was replaced

So far so done






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