The original Jensen Hubcaps are rare and hmm.. rough / robust. I don’t know if I can say this, but I don’t like their appearance that much. Maybe I will grow up later. These are in good condition.

They also seem to come away quite easily. Knowing their originality and global, rising value (?) I will take the best possible care of them by putting them to the same box with those original steel wheels for now on.

Take a look at that eBay-example

Time for reproduction maybe?

I wondered between wire-wheels and Simon Templar -style minilites. Wire-wheels were too british to my scandinavian use, so this is what I got:

Nice set from http://www.johnbrownwheels.com with fast delivery to Helsinki.

And if I happen to get studded winter-tires some day, Jensen hubcaps will be on watch again!


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