Let’s see the Kanban -board


  • Break booster, not working and disconnected



  • Electrics; Problems occur.


  • Paint, some problems, nothing major



  • Ventilation hose missing

under dash panel, air does not go to the windscreen due to a missing hose. Drivers belly is saved though.


WIP (Work in progress)




  • Arm rests, crushed

  • Alternator, dirty

Cleaned and pand resprayed. Inside it looks just fine.




  • Battery case, rusty

The color was a mistake… Battery holder is not genuine, have to find a right one.New battery also.


  • Brake fluid reservoir, looks bad, works though

I also painted the neighborhood.

  • Chassis, needs care and new layer of Dinitrol


  • Dash switches, long past the tolerance.

Now we are talking. From Skandix, Germany.


  • Door Hinge, door hangs low. Pin is tired?

No more clap


  • Engine room, just a bit too messy. Will keep it original.

twisted pipes are not original in early Jensen. Should be straight. Rust.

RST all over




  • Fan, Wrong color

Orange may have been used 68-69?




  • Floor. Needs care, some rust.








  • Fuel filler door, dirty and rusty, screw missing

The only screw went broke rather than got away








  • Trunk wall, holes

Hole no more




  • Inner fender panels, rusty

They should be body color


  • Interior, removal and renewal. Seat is in final and the light brown colour is not the right one to this No. 310.

Doing my best…





They make him so much younger.




Got a pair to front also




  • Nose needs handkerchief

Smutsig, would Åke say.

Renare, says he now




  • Parcel self, lacking the original Jensen style “rabbit hole”





  • Radiator, dirty and leaking


Radio + antenna, not working. Fuse-box-problem

TEN-radio is just perfect to this vehicle and works now.


  • Seat rails, bearing balls and bars missing, bar handle loose, springs missing

  • Steering wheel, looks bad, is bad

Genuine P1800 wheel from Sir Russ

  • SU, Need adjustment, cleaning and new filters with original covers.




  • Switch brackets, those mini desks missing on both sides under the dash.

Chaos here

These came from Sir Pieter, Australia !! So great to have restoration collaboration mates.

So much better.




  • Trunk, troubled