Exhaust system

Just exhausting. Exhaust pipe was solid, but ugly. First I thought that new shiny tail pipes would do the trick. I even bought a pair. Then I learned they were wrong style.

Old system

Solid, but ugly.

Eventually I decided to get the whole pipeline replaced to rst-system.

Nothing to save here.

New tail pipes

First new ones were like the old ones. Curved. I was so happy to have these. ..novice.

With the latest set I got another pair of tail pipes. They were straight.

It turned out that the straight ones are the right ones till 1966. So this is the new look. One story tells that straight pipes were changed to twisted in order to prevent fumes sucking into trunk. Luckily I have new seals in trunk.


The collar of the new system

This took my attention. The collar has very different angle to the pipe compared to the old one. Swedish manufacturer told it is mend to be like this and so it was. It fits perfectly.

Hangers / retainers

I really should study more before ordering stuff. Now I realized there are originally four hangers and I had only two and both were different from the original ones. So let’s order some more to get even close.

And after receiving new hangers (8 days later) lets find out that my pipes are too big for those Jensen-hangers. So some tailoring was needed.


Front. This black bracket was also missing and had to order one.

Center. RST is shiny.


Better than before

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