First season

Not much to say. Just some great memories and kilometers.

Cloves !

Son and his big day


Going for a ride again. Steering wheel needed some effort first.

Going golf

Some service needed

Run out of petrol. Elmo wanted to help.

Simo goes urban

Simo took me to work

Ready to move back to countryside

Simo meets the other 4-wheel family-members.

Simo and Slaikkari

Harri, the ex-owner meets Simo and so fun it was


Nothing the shame here

They are so attractive


Not just all fun

No milk today, but went there anyway

Ok. The season is over when we don’t get out of the yard.

Sleepy, good night

About vesa

Total amateur and mistake-maker as a mechanic. Enthusiast towards older Volvos and Saabs Amazon Kombi + few other later Volvos Saab 96 times 2 Usually does before thinks Finn Should use more professional services email: vesahannu.koskinen (The at-sign)
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