With co-operation

Major stakeholders in my continual project


  • Upholstery, some mouldings and many other parts
  • Exhaust (rst)
  • Starter
  • Good quality, fair prices and good service
  • Order tracking ok and previous orders saved on your profile


  • Alloys
    • Fast delivery
    • Missing nuts also fast delivered


  • Dash switches,
  • Door hinge pins (only place I could find them)
  • Seat belts
  • 123ignition (price unclear and hard to settle, you need to pay  -over 40€- more than offered in their online-shop) Item below was charged by 275€… Price itself is ok, but concept was a bit surprising.

Afterwoods they say 231,09 is a tax-free price… In Finland this would not be even legal when selling to consumers. Obviously it is ethical and okay in Germany.

  • Delivery to Finland always at least 26 € (even with a 9€ pin).
  • No order tracking. No previous orders available on your profile.
  • Fast reaction to questions.


  • Front seats upholstery work
  • Price did rise from what discussed. There were reasons though.

eBay.com, several partners

  • Some stuff, like
    • Wooden steering wheel
    • Loudspeaker covers
    • Scale model (Corgi)

Facebook, several P1800 groups

  • Information, good hints, missing parts, likes and friends