Mounting interior, door panels

Doors are unique. Two doors, same measurements, same panels and arm rests, but so difficult to get the panels fit similarly.

Arm rests

First I thought to save and restore the old armrest, both were crushed but at least they had some information about their shape left. Perhaps I would manage with some PU-foam or something.

Yeah right.

Could not tolerate touch.

Flesh is weak, so after a week:

These are so expensive, but I thought it was worth the money.


From the same source as the arm rests. Chrome tissue is so cool.


Black upper part is in good condition and here attached to upper panel

Lets dress

Plastic cover comes first. It is essential to prevent panels getting wet.

Lower panel and chrome list

I have no chrome lists, so at this point I will use plastic replicas.

For some reason there is a lot of red in VP-Autoparts panel. It can not handle any chrome list. 


so I took some off


There you can see the fasteners, I had old and new ones. Older are better quality.

There. At this point I should not have pressed the center fastener in, because arm rest is impossible to push behind it.

Door handle.

This black vinyl is needed if you don’t want white paint visible.

Arm rest

Before screws, test that the upper panel really fits.

Upper panel and window cranks

With this pin, you need a special tool when opening it. It is good to take a picture so you now witch way it was mounted if you have open it.

My tool

Push & Click

Door done

..and metal parts polished and paint waxed




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