Seat belts

It is nice to reach your sun classes from the floor without stopping the car.

Seat belts are not mandatory in a car that didn’t have them when leaving the factory. But if  installed, using is mandatory.

There were original type seat belts mounted to this car in 1990 or so. This was the momentum to swap them to automatic belts. Also my children will be driving and travelling this car car so leaving the belts out was no option.

Just the front belts are in backlog, because I see no actual use for the rear seat.

Old belts, old interior. Those were the times.


Installation points

With google search I could see two installation points.

  1. In side panel under the B-pillar, This is where mine were.
  2. In C-pillar

And thanks to the great Fb-community, I learned that the assembly had been changed from 1 to 2 somewhere around chassis 3155. So if yours is older than this, there may be no way for C-pillar assembly.

No hole in C-pillar! And no place to build a decent diy-mounting point. And the hole in the panel was obviously not for a clip as I first thought…


New belts. This time Skandix beats VP-autoparts.

New set. Color toned to floor carpet. The locking unit needs to be ordered separately. We also need some Safety belt latches (part 1017353)


Wow, so many approvals

Proofing the concept. You can see the factory hole in red. Belts come lower than your shoulder, but no can do.

Locking clip system needed an additional screw in drivers side to keep it up.


Finaly. A test drive.

So easy to use and I can reach almost everything as a passenger.


Important addition

if you change your original locking clip system to a new one like I did, and if you use the same installing bolt to the cardan tunnel, you have to use extra washers. Otherwise the bolt reaches a joint of the cardan axel !!

I noticed this before the test drive thanks to the noise it made when rolling the car out of the garage.


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