Feeling trunk

The boot then.

It has those holes in its wall and panels were made of sprayed corrugated board. Paint was rough and dirty. Carpet was in fair condition. No tools or warning triangle (mandatory) present, but the spare wheel was perfect.

Let’s see what we I can do to this

Missing tank gives space to play

A place to mother-in-law it is? No, she is great and may choose her seat.

Hole no more.

Painted. Some sound isolation added to each wall.

This seal was missing. Before sealing: Lots of Dinitrol…


Sound isolation; visible layers can be painted to body color.

There is also the hook for the jack. Or is it?

Panels fit ok.

Tank in position


I forgot to paint the fuel sensor, hopefully nobody will notice.

New carpet in

So cozy.  The old carpet is under this new one.

The spare

Unused Nokia Rollster with a cower.

Time to close this section

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Total amateur and mistake-maker as a mechanic. Enthusiast towards older Volvos and Saabs Amazon Kombi + few other later Volvos Saab 96 times 2 Usually does before thinks Finn Should use more professional services email: vesahannu.koskinen (The at-sign) gmail.com
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