Isolating noise, cabin

I have driven this car about 10 kilometer all together. I did enjoy the sound of B18 with 2xSU, but less noise would be better. Sound isolation is and will be modest. It is very difficult to add proper isolation between cabin and engine.

Anyway, because the floor was repainted and at hand, I thought adding some extra insulation would not hurt. Maybe it would even protect the new paint.  And because it is out of sight, I could use a bit more modern material. STP Black Silver 1,8 mm was chosen. It has aluminium finish so it won’t stuck to anything.


Removing sticky old ones. There are potato chips also. There was none on the floor.

Found this. I understand there is Oxford Steel, but what is Conley ?

Because no air space is allowed, I prefilled slots with some extra stuff and managed to spend hours.

Don’t know if this helps at all. There is going to be one fabric isolation also under the floor mat.


I could add more. There were many plates in the box you know.

Such a handy roller pin is a… a handy tool. Aluminium may cause some bleeding otherwise.


Under the dash

  • Later


  • Later or never

Engine room

  • Later or never




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