Mounting interior, rear seat area

Time to start installing all those red things.

Wheel housing comes first

No problems with these. Glue is good.

C-pillar panels follow

If you look very closely, you may notice slight variation of colors between C-pillar and headliner. 🙂


Time to push the parcel shelf with its molding to their place.

First parcel shelf frame with the upper hat shelf (black), then the round trim/molding, which is screwed to side walls and the parcel shelf frame.

Ok, these are not originally from this car after all, because there where some tolerance with screw holes.

There are tiny holes here also (red), small screws go behind the door gasket


Loudspeaker covers look as they should from this angle.


Then the side panels

Such or older clips used here

Not easy, but there they are.

Then the seat itself

Chrome list comes last

I am satisfied with this view.



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