Releasing version 1.0

Target for the first release was first of May.

Here pictured before the test drive at the end of April. Yippee, we made it!

washed and waxed

Seats are a bit too balloon-shaped. Let’s see if they go down by time. Any one taller than I might have problems with the hat space.

New mirrors. Nobody seems to know what is the right one for an early Jensen. This is as good as any other.

Both sides this time. For safety reasons.

Warning triangle was missing but I found one from the seventies. It will do just fine.

TALMU. Need to wash the package.


Notes during the test drive

  • Overdrive was mute
  • So cool
  • High idle
  • Su-oil maybe a bit too thick, perhaps need to go back to ATM-oil.
  • Needs adjustment of SU:s and distributor.

Notes after the test drive

  • Radiator leak
  • Some oil leak ?


About vesa

Total amateur and mistake-maker as a mechanic. Enthusiast towards older Volvos and Saabs Amazon Kombi + few other later Volvos Saab 96 times 2 Usually does before thinks Finn Should use more professional services email: vesahannu.koskinen (The at-sign)
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